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Friday, August 5, 2011

Masculine Archetypes - The Healer

Friday, August 5, 2011
Apollo, Grannus, Asclepius. What do these have in common? They are all Gods of Healing. Gods that were worshipped in many places in the Ancient world. Heavenly symbols of the Healer archetype.

When putting together the list of the archetypes that I wanted to cover in this series, the Healer is one that I debated on. But doing some quick research I soon came to the decision that it belongs in this list. So I sat down to figure out how to showcase it, so to speak.

The Healer energy spans across so much of the different archetypes that I have spoken about that it can be difficult to isolate out that energy. But one can be a Healer without being a Father or a Priest. Although both are often required to take on this role on occasion.

Like the Warrior I am going to speak on next week, the Healer can misleading in its simple title. When people think of Healer they oftentimes think of a medical doctor but it oftentimes goes far beyond this. A Healer is not just focused on the body but instead seeks to heal the whole of ones existence. From the spirit to the body to the emotional state.

For those of you who practice Reiki, you will be familiar with this concept. Reiki not only heals the body but heals all parts of ones makeup. I have been there for the crying that often accompanies the release of stress and which leads to whole and complete healing.

In the past I have been described as a Healer as well, through my efforts here at PaganDad. I help (or at least try to help) families on the road to raising the next generation in faith. From series like The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Parents to my side newsletter a few years ago on 21 Days to a Stronger and More Spiritual Family. To my efforts like the Pagan Village started to give a place for Pagan parents to network and offer support to each other.

So to close I want to throw out a question there. Where in your life do you bring the energy of the Healer?

Blessed Be!

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