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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Masculine Archetypes - The Warrior

Sunday, August 7, 2011
There was a comment, on my post about the Priest, last week about how I characterized the Warrior aspect. And I waited to fully address it until I came to today's post on that specific archetype. But first the comment itself;

"The Warrior may fight for a noble cause, but when the Gods abandon him, his path will eventually lead to failure." 

So does this quote from your article mean you believe that god is on the side of say successful tyranists who wage war? I realise the quote also says their path will "eventually" lead to failure. Doesn't such a broad blanket statement. render itself meaningless? 

The most horrific events in history have been committed by leaders who believed the Gods were on their side. 

Your post was interesting and thought provoking. But every warrior thinks God is on his side. Do we abandon the struggle for peace on Earth because who will triumph depends on who the Gods support-- and which Gods? 

Certainly there are times when conflict is neccesary, but I think we must not cloak ourselves with the perceived approval of the Gods.

The Warrior is not necessarily only one who fights Wars. A soldier is not necessarily a Warrior. Instead a Warrior is one who is there to protect the weak. Certainly he can devolve into his baser Shadow aspects; the Warlord and the Pillager. Both fighting for glory and for power. But the true Warrior seeks for peace above all things, because the safety of the people are in his charge. To do otherwise would be to abandon who he is.

And the belief that a God or Gods are on your side is only that, a belief, it does not make it true. This is a mark of the Warlord or the Pillager.

I have always studied other religions believing that since they are all paths to the same end that they should all have something to offer. And in doing so I come across the concept of jihad. Now I know that this has gotten a bad rap from those who have abandoned the true meaning of the faith, hearken back to my comment on the belief that a God is on your side.

But at its core jihad is about this Warrior archetype. It is about struggling to become the best that one can be at all that they do. In the case of Islam it is about earning the right to Paradise and all its rewards but maybe we should examine this concept in more depth and spend some time in personal reflection. Have we embraced the Warrior aspect and its honor and chivalry? And if so are using that energy to become the best that we can become in all the things that we are doing?

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