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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Reign of the Queen

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The transition from Mother to Crone never sat really well with me. I always felt like
there was a step missing in there and that a transitional stage was needed.

One day when I was in the local bookstore, I was led by fate to pick up an edition of
Sage Woman that featured my matron goddess, Hera, on the cover. Flipping through the
pages, I found exactly what I had been searching for – the Queen.

The Queen reigns over the women in their late forties and into their early sixties. If she
has children, they are either in their later teens or have already left the nest to begin living
their own lives.

Though the Queen may still work full time, she has gotten the itch to begin fulfilling her
personal dreams and taking some risks. If she has always wanted to learn how to paint,
she will pick up a paintbrush or sign herself up for a class. Those who have wanted to
ride a motorcycle might just go out and do that.

These women are in the prime of their lives. They’ve been around the block and come
back wiser. They have life figured out (for the most part) and are ready to do the things
that they want to do. They are also still open, ready to grow and try something new.

While I do have several Queens in my own life, one who has really been an inspiration
to me of late is Effy Wild of Wild Precious Studio (WPS). Through WPS, Effy started
a community for what she calls “Spiritual Creatives.” Her little project has grown into
a full-fledged business for her where she encourages women on a day to day basis to
overcome abuse and connect to the Divine through art. This lady needs a diadem made
of glitter and a scepter that flings paint.

I am definitely looking forward to the reign of the Queen in my own life!

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