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Monday, August 29, 2011

What is Mabon?

Monday, August 29, 2011
So September is almost here and soon it will be Mabon. And I realized that I haven't talked about this Sabbat in any detail here at PaganDad.

This Sabbat is oftentimes called the Pagan Thanksgiving. Many cultures going back time immemorial celebrated the Fall Equinox as a time of Thanksgiving. Very likely because it was easy to mark the Equinox as the Sun appeared to move across the sky.

There are many stories about this Sabbat, but in my family, this is the time that the fruit or womb of the earth is harvested. Also the time that the Goddess, like many before Her, descends into the Underworld in search of her lost lover. And since we know that she will return at Samhain, with the unborn promise of the New Year, we do not mourn her loss. Rather we are grateful for her sacrifice.

This season is a time to wrap up the year's project. Especially as we move closer to the time between the years. The time between Samhain, where one year ends and Yule where the next begins. Much like the ancients before us. And much like them we should also remember to gather and give thanks for the year that has passed us by.

Hope you have a great few weeks as we move towards Mabon.

Blessed Be!

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